Wuhu Enterprise Confederation visited Conch Venture for investigation
Date:2021-04-23 From:海螺创业

        On April 22, 2021, Cheng Xiaosu, the founding chairman of Wuhu Enterprise Confederation and former deputy director of Wuhu Municipal People’s Congress,Han Weimin, Convener of Expert Advisory Committee of Wuhu Enterprise Confederation and former deputy director of Wuhu Municipal People’s Congress,Ruan Zhiyuan, former chairman of the Wuhu CPPCC, Ding Haizhong, former deputy secretary-general of the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, and Zang Guoyin, former director of the Wuhu Municipal People’s Congress, visited Conch Venture to start a business.


        Guo Jingbin, chairman of Conch Venture, met with the guests in the 582 conference room of Conch International Conference Center.

        The veteran leaders at the meeting gave speeches and talked freely about the unforgettable journey of conch enterprises and Wuhu City in seeking common development and win-win cooperation.They expressed their pride and congratulations on the new achievements of Conch's transformation and development, and everyone sent messages to Conch's enterprises to make new achievements in the development of the new era.


        Guo Jingbin extended a warm welcome to the visit of all the old leaders. He said that Conch started from the cement plant in the mountainous area of Ningguo. In the 1990s, it continued to grow and develop after entering Wuhu. It has now become a world-renowned Fortune 500 company. In the glorious course, the great efforts, wisdom and sweat of all leaders have been condensed. It is with the support and help of all the leaders here that they have won the reputation of "the world cement sees China, and China cement sees the conch"!

        In 2013, China Conch Venture Holdings Limited was established and listed on the Hong Kong Main Board. At present, the two-wheel drive of "solid waste disposal + grate furnace waste power generation" in the environmental protection field is advancing in parallel and developing rapidly. It has successfully promoted nearly 200 environmental protection projects in 26 provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions and Vietnam, and has developed into a leading enterprise in the domestic environmental protection industry, and is striding forward to the world's leading large-scale environmental protection enterprise group. In the next stage, Conch Venture will continue to take root in Wuhu and face the world, hoping to develop more cooperation with Wuhu City to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, help Wuhu build a "waste-free city" and contribute to the creation of a better Wuhu.


        Cheng Xiaosu made a concluding speech on behalf of the Wuhu Enterprise Confederation and the leaders participating in the meeting. He said that he was very proud and shocked about the achievements and contributions made by Conch Venture in the development of environmental protection through on-site investigations and discussions and exchanges during this entry into Conch Venture. Conch Venture is rooted in the "sunrise industry" of environmental protection. As a leading company, it has advanced management models and focused on technological innovation. It has achieved leapfrog development and made outstanding contributions to Wuhu's economic, social and economic development and ecological environmental protection. He said that the Expert Advisory Committee of the Municipal Enterprise Federation will play its role as a bridge and strengthen the in-depth exchanges between the Expert Advisory Committee and Conch Venture. He also wished Conch Venture and Wuhu City will work together to prosper and create greater glories.


        Prior to this, the leaders of Wuhu Enterprise Confederation also visited Conch Venture's solid waste disposal base and fly ash disposal demonstration project.

        Leaders of Conch Venture Company Li Jian, Li Daming, Han Jiwu, Shumao, Zhang Keke, Chen Xingqiang, Zhang Bangzhi and heads of related departments attended the meeting or accompanied the visit.